The new eco: Circle Fishers, a platform for the sale of used fishing articles

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Every morning France Bleu Hérault gives the floor to the companies of the department to find out how they experienced the confinement and how the recovery is going.This morning, a close-up of the Circle Fishers platform imagined by a fisherman from Montpellier.

In France, there are 1,528,452 fishermen, which makes recreational fishing the second Federation behind football! If we add the fishermen who practice at sea and those who fish in the private sector, there are nearly 2.5 million fishermen in France! Fishing has an economic impact of over 2 billion euros: more than golf by comparison.Launched in April 2019, the Circle Fishers platform allows all fishing enthusiasts to buy and sell safely their second-hand equipment from other enthusiasts.Imagined by the Montpellier resident, Karim Sanogho, it has more than 3,500 passionate fishermen registered throughout France.

The platform was born from a simple observation

Fishermen are renewing their equipment more and more often and find themselves with a lot of rods, lures, reels and accessories of all kinds that they do not necessarily use.They are also more and more likely to resell some of their equipment.and to turn to the second-hand market to save money.Until now, to sell and buy second-hand fishing equipment, fishermen have turned to generalist classifieds platforms, such as Le Bon Coin or Facebook.On Circle Fishers, thanks to integrated payment and shipment tracking, the seller gets paid when the buyer receives the package and the buyer can only place an order if they are creditworthy; no risk of scams on either side.In addition, the service offered by the marketplace is completely free for sellers.To remunerate themselves and ensure quality service to users, Circle Fishers applies a commission of 9 % of the sale price on the buyer, or 90 cents for a purchase of 10 euros.

Posted Date: 2020-12-28

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