"Pixels Battle Royale": who will win the title of the best video game of 2018?

Posted on December 26, 2018 at 7:07 am - Updated December 26, 2018 at 9:20 am

Mega-Pixels "Fortnite", "Red Dead Redemption II", "God of War" ...Pixels has selected the 100 most outstanding games.But there can only be one.

With its 200 million players, Fortnite Battle Royale was the indisputable phenomenon of video games in 2018.To achieve this, it perfected a simple principle: that of dropping a hundred armed players on an island, in the heart of an area that The goal is to be the only one standing at the end of the game.

In a sort of tribute, the Pixels team had fun using these rules of the game, called the “battle royal”, to define which title, among a selection of one hundred video games released in 2018, deserved the title of best game of the year.You can also find some more classic chronicles in our video games section.

Opening of hostilities

Go! The Hundred Contestants are parachuted over the Island of the Pixels Battle Royale.Favorite Red Dead Redemption II and his horse land quietly in a grassy meadow, while Assassin's Creed Odyssey stumbles upon a good ol 'haystack.which cushions its fall, but the shock is fatal for the worn stone giants of the remake of Shadow of the Colossus or the rusty quadra robot of Megaman 11.

As the various parachutes rush where they can, in search of shelter or a rare argument, the Wind of Indifference suddenly rises on the map, and evacuates, with a merciless squall., a dozen poorly sheltered little candidates.Farewell, among others, GRIS, Forgotten Anne and Tiny & Tall: Gleipnir, little angels gone too quickly.Others stupidly self-eliminate, like the Donut County gobbling game, which is chokes on his pastry.

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